How to Rock Workwear with Statement Shirts

How to Rock Workwear with Statement Shirts

How to Rock Workwear? is a question I have asked myself countless time during my times in Banking and IT.

May it be a special work meeting to attend to, a job interview to make an impression or just simply an ordinary work day, I have always wanted to enjoy the clothes I ultimately end up wearing in most of my active hours.


So to answer the question of How to Rock Workwear, it is with Statement Shirts. To me, it ticks all the boxes. It looks professional, the crisp collars always make you look powerful and elegant while the touch of details in a statement shirt breaks the barrier of being boring and ventures in to standing out from the crowds. It is personal, it is unique and most importantly it is instantaneously stylish.

White Shirt with Military Details detail 1
Pink Shirt with Fringing Details Detail 1
Blue shirt with Fine Trims Detail 1

So when designing the workwear collection, I have kept in mind the essentials facts of workwear and added the missing element of creating a piece that is also interesting as a piece of art while it serves it's day to day purpose.



Choosing Colours

Summer is a season of colours. So when choosing a shirt, whites, pastel pinks, baby blues are in the workwear category. They are cheerfully colourful yet elegant and sophisticated for the boardrooms.

Since I always mix and match my tops with bottoms, I stick to the colours that can easily be paired up with Navy, Black, White and Cream.



The comfort Factor

One thing I always do for when choosing clothes, all around the year is to have a good look at the made. Read the fabric label in detail or if I am buying online, I will read through the product description to make sure that an item is comfortable to incorporate in to my day to day life.

I generally tend to go cotton for summer and silk for winter as a rule of thumb. But silk of course is lovely for all around the year, except the peak of the summer perhaps.


Greek Goddess White Shirt Detail 2
668 - White Shirt with Military Details 1_portrait
Blue Shirt with Military Details detail 1

Details and Character

I have always been after clothes that tells a story. May it be dress for a friend's wedding, a top for a sunny summer day. So why not for workwear? At the end of the day, that is what we seem to spend most of our time in, so it is nice to show a side of our character through what we wear to work.

may it be the powerful, feisty side of me through a military inspired shirt, or the soft, romantic side of me shown through a greek goddess shirt , it is always more interesting to tell a story with your image.

In many cases, I have come to realise the most subtle messages are the most powerful.



Where to get the statement workwear shirts from?


Sachini workwear collection is available here

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